Comic Drawing: Simple Steps

Drawing is not easy. But if you are an artist, for sure, it is easy to do it. Nevertheless, I still give you simple steps in drawing comics.

Step 1. Create a story

This includes the ideas that has to be seen in a comic story. Create the setting, the character, and plot or any element of a story that is needed in the comic you try make up. Of course, the ideas should be clearly developed because the comic is understood through the pictures and series of events that you present. Do not be limited in your experience only since you can create lots of stories, may it be true story or not. You can be as creative as you are a creator of a comic.

Step 2. Format Style

There are different kind of format style in drawing comics

  1. Comic page- In a comic page, you draw the comic events and pictures in a page. This is why the contents that you need must be many. You can create the comic page any style you want.
  2. Comic Strip- The strip makes up sequence of frames- 2-3 frames can do but you have to show clearly the sequence of the story
  3. Single frame- This does not require a lot of set-ups because you work on one frame. Here, you can be free in putting dialogues.

Step 3.  Develop a Draft

Having the story in your head, create a script with the following:

Sketch- The sketch will help you go on with how the story will be presented clearly

Layout- This means the readers should see the sequence of the comic story. Keep the left-to-right and top-to-bottom style.

Text- Not all comic stories are wordy. One or two dialogues is enough for a presentable comic story. remember that comic mainly focuses on the cartoon drawings. Dialogues are just an additional effect.

Step 4. Draw the Comic

This is now the actual scenario of drawing applying the first three steps. Frames have to be managed, the layout should be considered.

Consider your readers preference in reading—font and the size and reading style.

Content drawing is in light pencil only so that erasing can be done.

The final drawing is brightening the drawing by using ink. You can be erasing while you are putting ink on it.

***Publishing is all up to you.***