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Comics: Its Roles to a Reader

All people like art. People possess different talent in art making—literary, visual, performing art. Comic is a work of art that requires the talent in literature and visual art. This is why comic is one of the best artwork anyone can do. In visual art, just work on a single idea. But comic is different […]

Best Comics that You Must Read

Comic is really a nice entertainment for you when you are bored or troubled. The following are the following comic titles that you can read as a past time and entertainment: 1.The last Man The writer of this comic is Brian K. Vaughan and the artist is Pia Guerra. This is one of the most […]

The comic characters that many loved

Comic is not just in the papers anymore. They are now everywhere. They are being created into movies, they are copied and made it to digital and made available online. Also the creation or development of these comics have changed overtime. Before they were just drawn in paper and pencil but now they can be […]

The clear differences of Manga and Anime

Anime’? Manga? These are terms the average computer geeks get heated over against ordinary people out of the ‘circle’. No, these aren’t just cartoons and comics – they’re more than that. And yes, indeed, they are. Anime’ and manga is a booming industry as a whole, having several companies, affiliations, and seemingly endless genres for segmented after segmented target markets. […]