Create Your Stories Through Comics

Stories are real based and man-made. Everyone can make a story but levels of creativity, emotivity, impact are all different from one another. Someone can just make one simple story. One can make a story that is hard to understand and needed to be read between the lines. Others who have the emotional experience and environment ca easily relate to different emotions and make a story concerning emotions very easy. Like this, man-made stories are different from each other but it can be developed to everyone.

There are lots of ways to express and let people know about one’s story. It can be through landscape, through painting, through interpretative dance, through movie, through drawing and much more.

Why not create your story through comics too? A lot of people find fondness in reading comics. There are funny comic stories, emotional, frightening, motivating, and so on. You know, stories in comics are colorful. It is very suitable for everyone of any age such as for children, for youngsters, for adults and even for old aged. There are short and long comics stories.

Comics stories are series of drawings with particular characters and roles. It is like a movie with many characters and with particular roles. Several years ago, when there is not much production and improvement of social media equipment, you can see people around you having comic magazine with them. Even nowadays when we can see a lot of improvements on technologies, still a lot of people are fond of reading comics.

Comics dialogues are unique. It brings laughter and humor to everyone. Pictures and drawings too are attractive and give life to the story even if you see them not moving.

How is it possible that comics stories can make someone laugh just by reading the dialogues with characters not moving?

This is the power of comics. So why not create your comics stories too?