Trick Art on 3D Drawing

3D drawing is a high technique that most people who are skilled in the field of drawing want to explore and enhance more. In actuality, you cannot really see directly a 3D drawing on the sheet or on something where you are drawing the object. 3D means three dimensional and this earth where we are living is called the three-dimensional world. This is why we can understand what is 3D.

We can see a 3D drawing through a camera. So in the first place, focus on the screen in order to witness a 3D drawing, not on the direct sheet where the object is being drawn. Position the camera on a flat surface. In positioning the camera, you aim to get the correct form on the screen. Be sure that the dimension on the screen gives the impression that it looks like there is logical formation and voluminous.

Use white paper when drawing. Bend the sheet to create an angle of curvature in which it will be visible to the camera also. This is to be done either before the object is drawn or after the object is drawn. Also, do not forget these essential things, highlight, shadow and mid-tone. The highlighted part of the object should the one facing the light source. The shadowed part of the object should be facing away from the light source. Applying shadows give value to terrain forms on the surfaces. And the mid-tone part of the object is which neither directly facing the light source, or the part facing away from the light source. It is a bit in the middle.

Enhance the geometric volume and establish a form in the background. Other things that needed to be taken into consideration are the lines and other shapes.