Best Comics that You Must Read

Comic is really a nice entertainment for you when you are bored or troubled. The following are the following comic titles that you can read as a past time and entertainment:

1.The last Man

The writer of this comic is Brian K. Vaughan and the artist is Pia Guerra. This is one of the most read comics and also the best in terms of the plot of the story. This is about the last survivor from a wiping plaque and he went to find out how he could have survived from the last plaque.

2. Bone

The artist is Jeff Smith. This comic is very simple and no love story formed. This is about the Bone cousins finding the way to fight against the enemy, the lord of Locusts. This perhaps was adapted from the Lord of the Rings.

3. Essex County

The artist is Jeff Lemire. This is a true to life story that talks about a family living in the county. This is most likely an emotional drama-type comic. You will surely be moved to tears when you read this comic.

4. Watchmen

The writer is Allan Moore and the artist is Dave Gibbons. In this comic, Moore demonstrated the elements of the novel in the best way. He exposed the idea of having a superhero that adds to the effect of the story to all readers.

5. Maus

The artist and the writer is Art Spiegelman. The significance of this comic is the exposure of the Holocaust Tragedy. Spiegelman carefully matched the characters of the animals to each and every character in the story.