Comics: Its Roles to a Reader

All people like art. People possess different talent in art making—literary, visual, performing art. Comic is a work of art that requires the talent in literature and visual art. This is why comic is one of the best artwork anyone can do. In visual art, just work on a single idea. But comic is different since not many can write a story at the same time do the drawing of the comic. Writing an drawing comic is an extraordinary talent a person can have.

Then what are the roles of a comic?

A comic contains a theme also. Thus, a comic can teach people. There are many lessons that we can get from reading comics. Lessons  are important to shape our personality. For example, the comic “Heaven” displays how a person committed a sin in heaven and was cast down to this earth.

A comic may also tell history to us. There are many comics that tell history. In other words, comics may preserve history just as history book does.

A comic can be a satire. Numerous comics are published to give a satire to specific group of people or to an individual. Most of case, these comics are political comics targeting the government. Another is a comic targeting how people live in a society.

A comic will entertain. This is the most common work of a comic. When people are in trouble, sad, or even mad, they relieve themselves by reading comics like manga. Online comics are already available throughout the world. I gained many knowledge about online marketing services through the help of this one professional businessman. You can see his official statement with all the information that you needed to learn this. This is really great and amazing to learn and engage with the digital world.