Guide to drawing comics the first time

Drawing is a talent that is not given to anyone but it is an art that can be learned by anyone. You do not have to be special to learn and draw anything. You may start drawing basic things so you can practice. As they say practice is still the way that you can learn something. It is true in drawing. But if you have guide on drawing it is the best way that you can learn.

Guide can give you an overview on how to start drawing something so you will have a direction on how to do it. You will then just keep on practicing to hone and make it your skill. So do not give up easily but try and try to get the concept and you can draw then everything on your own. The first step on the guide is to draw first or sketch the frame to start. When finish proceed to the characters where they should be in place. Next is choose the places for the words to be written.

Put the direction of the words places and after that proceed to the backgrounds. You draw what the background should look like. When done you can do your own lines in your work and add the words or text in it. When done, you can color your comics drawn. Even if you are in software design, you can try this guide and be good at comic also.