The clear differences of Manga and Anime

Anime’? Manga? These are terms the average computer geeks get heated over against ordinary people out of the ‘circle’. No, these aren’t just cartoons and comics – they’re more than that. And yes, indeed, they are. Anime’ and manga is a booming industry as a whole, having several companies, affiliations, and seemingly endless genres for segmented after segmented target markets. They have even given birth to several subcultures in Japan wide-spreading to the entire globe. On that note, let’s differentiate these two somewhat interchangeable colloquial terms.

Manga, as in Japanese comics, has been gaining popularity over all the world. Through globalization as well as the speedy common use of the cyber world, manga has reached millions of audience throughout the world. The one who makes manga called a Manga-ka, is usually the one with the original art and ideas. Of course, collaborations are also present but the basic is the former. And as a continuing trend, from the tens and thousand of original comics out there by publishing companies, the popular ones (mostly decided by polls in magazines) are chosen by an animation company to make as an anime’.


Moving onto the query, what is Anime’? Simply, it stands for animation – Japanese animation. Anime’ are basically moving pictures drawn by animators. Originating in the west, it somehow wandered it’s way to Japan. Having tons of genres and sub-genres and sub-sub-genres, the whole world is enraptured with the different kind of story-line and humor and even insight these animated pictures tell like an indoor skill for beauty.